Pet grooming

When matted hair and long nails are making your pet's life miserable, it's time to call in our pet grooming experts. We'll have your pet back to top condition in no time!


Looking good, looking after their health

Long-haired dogs and cats in particular need regular grooming and clipping to prevent matting and to reduce heat stress, especially in summer. 

Choose from a bath and groom, or just a quick tidy-up, and take the stress out, by letting our trained staff give your pet a hair cut.



We offer everything from full clips for your dog and cats, tidy-ups, or just a bath, nail trim, or ear clean.

Pamper your pet today

Pamper your pet with a warm, relaxing bath. We use a range of non allergenic shampoos and oatmeal conditioners that are gentle and soothing on your pet's skin so that your pet will smell and feel fresh and clean. For bookings or information, call us on 9588 2088 or send us an email.